Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Chefs needing fresh truffle

Some of the first truffle ever harvested from the Macenmist truffiere
The morning started with a heavy frost and when I was brave enough to venture out to check the thermometer it read -5°C. So it was back inside, light the fire and have a warming cuppa. Truffle hunting will have to wait a few hours until it warms up.

Its just after midday and the sun is shining brightly with just the right amount of warmth. So today both dogs will be given a go at finding the black gold. I just have to make sure that they do not damage them with their claws. Their treats have thawed so its outside with the dogs and camera to see what we can find. Tawdiffu will be first (as she works at mach 10) next at a more sedate pace will be Fahren.
After about 90 minutes we head back to the shed with a bag loaded full of truffle. Thanks to both dogs we now have enough truffle for tomorrows deliveries.
All that remains to be done is the cleaning and packaging. Of yes, and of course the delivery.

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