Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Truffle dog hurting

Yesterday was not a good day Macenmist's number one #truffledog #Fahren was operated on. A week ago during her regular grooming I noticed that she was bleeding anally so it was straight to the vet. Diagnosis was infected anal gland, we then left the vet and came home with a weeks supply of antibiotics and an appointment for a check up scheduled 9am yesterday. As you have probably already guessed Fahren was operated on yesterday and the vet removed both her anal glands. The fortunate part was that he found a grass seed embedded in the right hand side so luckly it was not cancerous. I currently have one very saw dog that is whimpering constantly. She does not like her "Elizabethan collar" but it is needed so that the stitches are protected.
No #truffle-hunts for a while as she is definitely not up to it. This is going to take a while and we have pain killers for ten days.

Monday, 29 May 2017

The taste of truffle

After 7 hours we can reveal to you all the finished Christmas cake which has been two days in the making. You can only imagine the aroma. REALLY GOOD!!! The next installment in this bake off will be the eating phase. At which time those attending the Christmas in July event will get to eat the cake with truffled cream or ice cream.

Now to share with you a truffle dish "vegetarian style" that's tasty and very easy to do. You can have this all year round just by freezing the truffle butter. What you are looking at is a vegetable ratatouille made using an eggplant base and this is accompanied with truffled butter pearl cous cous.

For those who have already booked a truffle-hunt PLUS or PREMIUM event you will get to taste the truffled cous cous which is part of the main dish served this year. If you think that you would like to learn more about truffle and how well it goes with all types of food, keep watching this blog which will feature more and more of the food being served during our truffle hunt events.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Truffle hunt and Christmas in July

Yesterday afternoon was cold and wet but the sun did come out very briefly giving us a rainbow over the new truffiere which was planted in 2012.
Snow flurries kept everyone indoors. This was the perfect day to start preparing the fruit for the Christmas cake which will be served on Macenmist's Christmas in July event held on the 22nd.
The log fire was going and the smell of the fruit soaking in brandy together with the heady aroma of truffle coming from the fridge kept everyone salivating with anticipation of the food to follow.

The next morning the snow meant that the outdoor temperature was cold. It was now time to finish preparing the Christmas cake. So it was out with all the ingredients which would be blended with the brandy soaked fruit.
The cake is now in the oven and it will be there for 7 hours before we can once again enjoy the smell of freshly baked food. The sad part of it all is that it will need to rest and mature in flavour before being devoured in July.

July 22nd program will feature our two Lagotto Romagnolo dogs who are experts at finding truffle. Then of course we will have to sample food made from the black-truffle and indulge ourselves in a Truffled-Christmas feast. Keep an eye on this blog for more event images and lots of truffle.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Lagotto Romagnolo Groomed and ready to hunt

Famed for their ability to air scent truffle Tawdiffu, one of Macenmist's truffle dogs has her nose up checking out the aromas on the breeze. It's now only a few weeks till our first official truffle hunt during the June long weekend and she has been groomed and is raring to go.
So far this season both Tawdy and Fahren have found black truffle and there is more out there just waiting to be unearthed.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Misty start to the day

Woke to another busy day with the morning mist starting to roll in. When you see this you realise that the property is aptly named "Macenmist"

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Black Truffle harvest

Its's nearly the beginning of winter and already Macenmist's truffle dogs are harvesting black-truffle. Today we marked a number of hazel trees with red flags which denote that truffle is located on the spot but not quite ripe enough to harvest. We did however harvest 400grams which are now infusing eggs and a brie cheese for later consumption. bring on the frosts to ripen the truffle.